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General dormant safety pruning, reducing size on tall trees that resist wind and threaten to uproot. Reduce weight on end-heavy limbs, arching laterals subject to breaking. 
Pine trees may exhibit “rust gall” which should be pruned out so as not to spread.

January is also the recommended time for transplanting/relocating trees and shrubs with the least amount of negative impact to root systems.

Awareness to insects that may start early flight.

Early dormant spraying (fruit tree, etc.) may be needed. 
Continued safety pruning is necessary due to spring rains.

Begin annual fertilizing; broadcast dry granules 10-10-10 over majority of landscape.

This is usually the beginning of spray season; aphids, beetles, oak worm, leaf chewing insects, etc.

General pruning and thinning of vigorous growing trees.

Remove trees causing over-crowding to encourage beneficial landscape tree growth.

Spray EPA approved materials to control disease and damaging insect populations.

Aesthetic pruning of smaller ornamental trees.

Focus on landscape continuity, design, simplicity, etc.

Deep root feeding is necessary for low vitality trees, striving for increased quality.

General pruning.

General pruning; deter rodents and insects bridging to home by side trimming trees away from buildings, lamp posts, walkway and driveways.

Removing deadwood and shaping. 
NOTE:  Monitor Oak trees through the summer and autumn months for evidence of Sudden Oak Death (S.O.D.)







General spraying as needed for bark beetles that threaten Oaks, Pines, Alders, Birch, etc.

General tree maintenance for health, safety and fire prevention.

The water table is dropping about this time of year so deep root watering may be required for young trees and trees with shallow root systems.

Increase awareness of diseases affecting landscape trees.

Spray Pine trees to control insect infestation such as Spider mites, Scale and beetles (IPS Engraver and Red Turpentine beetles).

Additional deep root watering for low vitality trees is recommended.

Safety pruning in anticipation of approaching winter weather. Over all weight reduction as well as reducing wind resistance.

Cabling small or leaning trees for support during winter storms.

Safety pruning continues, reducing size and weight; cabling, etc.

Dormant spraying, safety pruning, general tree maintenance.