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Sudden Oak Death is thought to be caused by Phytophthora ramorum, a water mold disease.  Agri-Fos has been known to prevent this disease.  Once a tree shows the symptoms of Sudden Oak Death, its life may be extended for several years with regular treatments.  If a tree appears not to have symptoms, an annual injection of Agri-Fos is strongly recommended as a conservative preventative treatment.  Unfortunately there is no guarantee that an apparently healthy tree is not already infected.  Marin Tree Service is licensed by the California State Department of Agriculture to spray the systemic fungicide, Agri-Fos.

Sudden Oak Death

Bark beetles are a major problem in Marin.  There are hundreds of types of bark beetles and some may actually be beneficial.  The most important advice for homeowners is to provide regular care and maintenance for their treasured trees since oaks, pines, and birches are hosts to predators such as bark beetles when they are already slightly compromised.  A variety of EPA approved materials can be used to control these pests - either through topical treatment or root injections.  Marin Tree Service is licensed by the California State Department of Agriculture to apply these treatments.

Bark Beetles

Chips/Mulch—Black Gold Free

When we use wood chips, mulch or compost, we are using the equivalent of forest floor litter in an urban setting.   Chip/mulch application is strongly recommended by our industry because it: improves physical environment with greater water retention and reduces need for frequent watering; reduces weed invasion; governs soil temperature for optimum root growth and improves soil composition as it decomposes; encourages beneficial earthworms and organic matter development over time; and improves aesthetic curb appeal.  Contact us and request that a load, generally 10-12 yards be delivered for free.  Neighborhoods often share a load this size.  Spread chips over a given area making sure to leave air space of at least a few inches around the base of trees and plants to guard against developing crown/root rot.  Stand back and watch the magic happen.

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