Summer Tree Safety Concerns

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Fire Safety

Keeping a defensible space around your home means clearing all dry grass, brush and dead leaves at least 30 feet from your home, and at least 150 feet if you're on a hill.  Every fire district has its own rules and publishes its requirements. Protect the investment that you have in your home by creating a fire safe landscape.   Trees can become a “fire ladder” to your home.  The following rules of thumb should be considered each summer as we approach fire season:

· Keep branches trimmed at least 10 feet from your roof.

· For trees taller than 18 feet, prune lower branches within six feet of the ground.

· Remove deadwood from your trees, especially those adjacent to or overhanging your home..

· Remove that portion of any tree which extends within 10 feet of the outlet of any chimney or stovepipe.

· Keep your landscape healthy and clean. On a regular basis, remove dead branches, leaves and pine needles from your yard. These can serve as added fuel to a fire.

· Prune and thin shrubs, trees and other plants to minimize the fuel load.

· Be diligent about cleaning up, especially during fire season. Remove dead leaves from under the plants as well.

Involve your Arborist in these steps. Ask him or her to include these regular maintenance steps as part of their routine service.


For comprehensive information, visit FireSafe Marin.


Safety Pruning to control Pests

Branches that touch roofs or homes provide rodents and insects a bridge to the home.  Safety prune your trees during the summer months when these pests are most active.